Louis Notopradono

International student story

NSW: studying in a new world that's close to home

Louis is completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Business Analytics at the University of New South Wales.

About Louis

Louis chose NSW because he wanted to study somewhere that felt like a new world but was close enough to Indonesia for easy travel. With great reputation of NSW’s universities, the University of New South Wales fit all his requirements.

Louis enjoys interacting with new people from different backgrounds, and volunteering was the gateway for him to connect with others. The highlight of his volunteering experience at the Sydney Airport International Student Welcome Desk was constantly meeting people from different backgrounds, helping and learning from them.

Louis’s tips

“The thing I gained the most from volunteering is definitely better communication skills. Talking to fellow volunteers from different backgrounds and helping tourists and students allowed me to be a better communicator. I highly recommend volunteering to students looking to meet new people and help others.”

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