Many international students volunteer while studying. It's a great way to make connections and build your global career.

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Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is giving your time and skills to help others or an organisation with no financial gain. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and to develop interpersonal and technical skills.

Volunteering while studying is also a great chance to make new friends, improve your English, gain experience relevant to your field of study and give back to your local community.

To explore volunteering opportunities, visit NSW VolunteeringExternal Link 


Be part of the NSW International Student Volunteer Program

Make a positive impact to your community with the NSW International Students Volunteer Program 

As a volunteer, you can: 

  •  gain access to trainings available for eligible volunteers 
  •  build your skills that will help you build your future careers 
  •  meet other international students and the wider community. 

Study NSW will recruit and train volunteers on a rolling basis. Volunteers who completed at least 30 hours of service will receive recognition from Study NSW for their contributions to the international student community. 

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Volunteer at the International Student Welcome Desk

We’re looking for volunteers to welcome newly-arrived international students at our Sydney and Newcastle International Airport Welcome Desks.

What you can expect

With training from Communiteer, you’ll be providing new students with:

  • A warm welcome to feel at home in a new place
  • A community they can get support from
  • Advice on how to make the most of their experience in NSW


Volunteers who complete more than 30 hours of service will receive a certificate of appreciation from Study NSW for their contribution to the international student community in NSW.

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