Allison Ye

International student story

How Allison found the perfect study life balance in Newcastle

Allison is a postgraduate student from China completing a Master of Business Administration and Master of Professional Accounting at the University of Newcastle. 

About Allison

Allison chose to study in NSW with a goal of working in finance.  

She was attracted to Newcastle’s easy access to Sydney a global financial hub with many career opportunities. Allison enjoys Newcastle’s healthy study life balance, which empowers her to meet friendly, welcoming people while enjoying the beauty of regional NSW. One of her favourite experiences is finding a wild koala on a bushwalk in the quaint town of Waterfall. Since that day, Allison takes every chance she can get to explore the great outdoors. 

Allison's tips  

“In China, I used WeChat and Alipay for everything. I wasn’t familiar with using cash! So that was an adjustment. In addition, I suggest students find out where they want to live and research how to get around.” 

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