Irfan Bin Yusuf

International student story

How NSW can help you find your future

Irfan, from Bangladesh, has recently completed his Master of Engineering from the University of Wollongong. He currently works as an electrical engineer at a consulting firm, gaining valuable experience in electrical design and project management.

About Irfan

Irfan believes that NSW universities play a crucial role in assisting international students to discover their future by offering clear and comprehensive information about available courses and support services. 

Irfan greatly enjoys his life in NSW, particularly appreciating the balance between modern infrastructure and the serenity of nature. Above all, he loves the sense of being welcomed and valued by the NSW community. Looking ahead, he aspires to leverage his life experiences, combining university and work insights, to contribute to the growth and guidance of fellow international students. 

Irfan's tips  

“Prepare for your applications. You’ll need to fill out a lot of paperwork in Australia. This includes visa processes, housing arrangements, and job applications. Look into support services provided by universities and the community such as Study NSW and discipline-specific organisations. Be proactive in building your social network and speak to other international students in NSW." 

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