Deshao Liu

International student story

Building my global career in NSW

Deshao is a postgraduate student from China currently studying Information and Communications Technology (Artificial Intelligence) at Western Sydney University.

About Deshao

Deshao chose to study in NSW for its prestigious universities, diverse cultural communities and high levels of quality of life. While studying, Deshao explored volunteer opportunities for international students and was encouraged by his university to participate.

By joining the NSW International Student Volunteer Program, Deshao has made meaningful connections and developed himself in teamwork, communication and leadership skills through practical experiences. He suggests these developments were essential for him to integrate with the NSW community and prepare him for a global career and recommends volunteering to anyone who’s looking for similar achievements.

Deshao’s tips

“In the future, I see myself applying the knowledge and skills I've gained in NSW in my professional work. Whether it's pursuing further education, starting a career, or engaging in community projects, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, as my experience in NSW has undoubtedly prepared me well for a global career.”

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