Get involved in your local community

Volunteering is giving your time and skills to help others or an organisation with no financial gain. It is an opportunity to gain valuable experience to develop inter-personal and technical skills.

Ongoing volunteering opportunities

Volunteering while studying is a great chance to make new friends, improve your English, gain experience relevant to your field of study and give back to your local community.

Make sure you visit your institution's website to register for current volunteer opportunities, including clubs and societies, community services and ambassador and mentoring programs.

You can also search and find ongoing volunteering positions at:


University of Newcastle

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My journey started in the language center where I started to volunteer. I then engaged with the local community and my university’s clubs and associations. For me, volunteering is one of the ways I give back to the community. It's also a way to find people who need help.


TAFE Wollongong

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I realised that my strengths were more focused towards making a real difference in youths' lives. This is how I started working in emergency care and as a volunteer in high schools for the YWCA. In my spare time, I also connect with children via sports, as a soccer coach at Coniston Junior Soccer Club.


University of New South Wales

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My favourite experience was volunteering at Vivid Sydney 2018. I am absolutely amazed by the creativity and ideas of the festival. I was the Installation Assistant, where I had the chance to interact with guests, explaining the ideas and background of each installation. I am absolutely amazed by the creativity and ideas of the festival.