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Study NSW supports education providers and agents to promote NSW as the world’s best place to study.

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Driving global education opportunities

The NSW Government's International NetworkExternal Link  is spread across 6 regions and hubs with 21 offices. This includes four education-focused roles in Jakarta (Indonesia), Mumbai (India), Satiago (Chile) and Shanghai (China). Our global network can help you identify opportunities, develop strategic partnerships and provide market insights.

We're here to help

Our offshore education counsellors lead in-market engagement with international education students, alumni, providers, and agents. Onshore the team is supported by Sydney based staff in order to connect international education sector with overseas opportunities.  

Our free support services include offerings in:  

  • Student recruitment, transnational education (TNE), partnerships, alumni engagement and international education commercial opportunities.  
  • Securing commercial outcomes and growing the pipeline of education opportunities from existing and emerging markets for NSW international education sector.  
  • Addressing diversification of markets by engaging with Indonesia and LATAM.  
  • Providing diversification of classes or provider type in India and China.  

Please contact us to learn more and discuss how we can work together.   

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Drive engagement and diverse markets in the ASEAN region with a particular focus on Indonesia

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Learn about our activities in China to promote studying in NSW.

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Partner with Study NSW to promote education in India.

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Latin America

Discover how we're promoting education in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.