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Indonesian students in front of Sydney Opera House

Education market overview

Australia has become a top choice for Indonesian students seeking international education opportunities. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the flow of students, but recent data indicates a gradual recovery, with a total of 20,000 students choosing Australia as their destination in 2022. 

Indonesia's robust economic growth has generated a heightened demand for high-quality education and skills development. This demand extends to emerging technology sectors such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analytics, cybersecurity, supply chain management, and digital transformation. Additionally, there is growing interest in sustainable energy, healthcare, and advanced biotechnology. However, business management, accounting, and commerce programs remain the most sought-after courses. 

Transnational education (TNE) is gaining popularity among Indonesian students. In 2020, there were over 429 TNE courses, including 91 study programs from Australian universities, offered in collaboration with Indonesian educational institutions. 

To better prepare students for their transition into the workforce, the Ministry of Education introduced the Kampus Merdeka (Freedom to Learn) program. One of its standout initiatives is IISMA, which saw 134 students studying in Australia (HE and VET) for one semester in 2022. The program is poised for growth in 2023, with an increase in available slots. 

With the technology service industry's rapid expansion, the shift towards green energy, and the growth of the healthcare sector, there is a rising demand for upskilling and professional development. This presents an opportunity for educational institutions to collaborate directly with industries to enhance their workforce's skills. This collaboration can take the form of micro-credentials, executive programs, or customized offerings tailored to meet specific company needs. 

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