Top reasons to study in NSW

Students at UNSW

World-class education in an unparalleled location

Why study abroad in New South Wales (NSW), Australia? Our state is the ideal destination for students looking to earn a world-class education in one of the best places to live. We are home to a diverse range of highly ranked universities, colleges, schools and vocational training facilities, alongside exciting lifestyle opportunities. But what exactly are the benefits of studying in Australia? Here are the top 6 reasons to study in Sydney and NSW.

1. Diversity

Education Providers

For a nation of just 25 million people, Australia offers a diverse range of education providers. NSW is home to 12 universities - two are ranked in the QS Top 50 Under 50 - and around 400 further accredited providers including schools and colleges.


NSW is one of the world’s most multicultural places. By joining more than 220,000 international students from 190 countries, your study experience in NSW will give you a truly global perspective and expand your horizons.


NSW is a place of great opportunity – where people from anywhere in the world can pursue their study and career ambitions in any field they choose, and thrive.


Australia’s diversity of education means there are many courses only available here. Students have access to unique centres of excellence and world-leading research networks.


Australia has strong study connections with universities around the world. Global collaborations are also driving Australian research projects on critical medical, scientific, environmental and social issues. No matter what you study in Australia, NSW can provide world-class opportunities in research and education.


Studying in NSW offers opportunities for study across a wide range of environments. From global cities like Sydney to regional hubs like Newcastle and Wollongong, to rural institutions close to the reef, rainforests or outback – you’ll find many uniquely Australian places to learn.


Australia welcomes international students across all levels of study. The Australian Qualifications Framework provides a consistent way for education providers to recognise qualifications from different sectors. This means students have a clear pathway to the next level.

2. Employability


Australian education providers help students develop practical skills and experience. We help students achieve academic excellence, learn clear communication, build productive networks, and find and thrive in new careers - these skills can be lifechanging.


Many Australian courses are designed to help students smoothly transition to a new career. This means they are informed by industry practice, practical communication development and networking skills, and a focus on entrepreneurial thinking.

Global recognition

Australia has little competition when it comes to globally recognised qualifications. In most fields, an Australian qualification is recognised and accepted by employers in countries around the world.

Ways of thinking

Studying in Australia helps students develop confidence, gain perspectives and acquire skills to help them grow. Rather than teaching students one discipline, Australian providers teach students skills which can help in every stage of their future careers.


There are many programs and activities designed to help foster relationships between students, mentors and industry leaders. This helps students develop connections to help benefit their future careers.

Work experience

Internships and industry work experience are a big part of many Australian courses. This means students are well equipped with the practical skills for their careers to take flight.


NSW universities, training providers and schools lead the world in student outcomes.  Study is not just about gaining a qualification, it’s about gaining skills, knowledge and experience to achieve success now and into the future.

3. Environment


Our spectacular and diverse environment offers lifestyle opportunities for international students unlike anywhere else. With a unique mix of thriving cities and regional centres, big open spaces and beautiful beaches, Australia attracts people from all over the world.


Australians have a reputation for being friendly, welcoming, with informal. We also pride ourselves on respecting the rights and freedoms of others.


International students choose to study in Australia for its reputation as a safe place to live. The streets and public spaces of Australian cities offer a sense of security and freedom. Australian cities have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.


Australian authorities protect the country’s natural environment with a focus on clean and green policies. There are strict laws and penalties ensuring very low levels of emissions and pollution nationwide.


Australia is technologically advanced, with leading communications, telecommunications, utilities and transport capabilities contributing to its globally competitive economy. This translates into high quality services and infrastructure for the people studying, visiting and living here.

Vital industry

With international education being Australia’s third-largest export, our governments and education providers support the needs and desires of international students. Highly developed facilities and support services are designed to ensure every student’s experience in Australia is positive, rewarding and empowering.


Australia’s advanced economy, stable democracy and cultural diversity ensures you can feel safe and welcome here, no matter where you work and study in NSW.


As an international student, you can feel confident that your education in Australia will be rewarding. The country’s long-term economic and political stability is backed by a system of laws and supportive governments.

4. Quality


Australia is a benchmark for excellence in international education. The education sector in Australia includes a network of world-leading education providers, premium facilities, outstanding lecturers and student support services, effective quality control and government accreditation.


International education is one of Australia’s largest and most important industries. More than half a million students from 190 countries study here.


Australia has a long history of providing high-quality education programs and experiences for international students. Our international education offering has developed into one of the world’s best.


Every education provider in Australia must successfully complete a demanding accreditation process. This helps to ensure it delivers the highest standard of teaching and learning. Providers also undergo regular formal quality assurance audits, ensuring every student can be confident they are receiving a world-class education.


Australian education providers consistently rank near the top of independent global surveys – for the quality of programs, teaching and facilities, the range of opportunities, the satisfaction of students and the results they achieve.

Global influence

In Australia, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in building an education system that millions of students from all over the world benefit from. Students from around the world have graduated with high quality qualifications and led successful careers.


You can study in Australia with confidence because every school teacher and lecturer is a university graduate, trainers are qualified industry professionals and courses and providers are accredited by the government.

Government authority

Whether you choose to study at an Australian university, vocational education and training provider, or school – rest assured that every course offered to international students meets the Australian Government’s quality standards.

5. Student experience


Australia has a long history of providing high quality education for international students, and its student support services are highly evolved. Educations providers at all levels provide dedicated student support staff whose job is to look after the welfare of international students. Many cities and towns also offer dedicated international student centres.


The rights of international students in Australia are protected by law. The Australian Government also appoints an independent advocate – called the Overseas Student Ombudsman - who acts on behalf of students who have a request or problem.

Work opportunities

As an international student in Australia there are opportunities for you to work part time while you study. This can help cover your living expenses. International students are protected under the same employee award scheme as other workers.This means there are protections when it comes to pay and conditions.

Access to information

The Australian Government makes it easy for international students to know and understand their rights and responsibilities. This means information is publicly and easily available on important issues like visas, employment, tuition fees and much more.


As part of The Australian Government’s welcoming environment for international students,  there are many scholarships and bursaries offered to students from around the world.


You’ll never feel lost or alone when you study in Australia. Every university, training provider and school has dedicated, qualified international student and career counsellors to help you make the most of your time here. Major cities and towns even have student hubs where international students can get support and information on almost any issue, and connect socially with other students.


Expect to feel welcome from the moment you arrive, with student welcome services at every international airport to help you find your way around and settle in.

Be heard

In Australia, international students have a voice – and we’re always listening. For decades, we’ve been asking international students what’s important to them and what they want to experience in Australia. We actively evolve and improve the way we do things, based on this important feedback.

Be protected

Australia has a well-developed system of laws and rules designed to protect the rights of workers – including international students. So if you want to work while you study, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your working conditions and wages. Your employer has a legal responsibility to treat you fairly.

6. Visionary


Australia has an extraordinary heritage of innovation and invention in science and technology. For a country with a relatively small population, our impact on the world – via groundbreaking research and development, is large. Australians developed Wi-Fi, penicillin, the cochlear implant, the black box flight recorder and Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine, and so much more.


Australia has a strong tradition of collaboration between universities, governments and industry. Our faculties are structured to promote meaningful interdisciplinary connections, major investment in research institutes, and the fostering of major global research partnerships. This is why we are making progress on globally critical issues.


Australian universities host a huge number of researchers from other countries, and our researchers are making significant contributions overseas.


With high global demand for entrepreneurs, Australian education providers have re-engineered their approaches to teaching and learning. This approach helps to inspire entrepreneurialism across every discipline. We offer a fertile environment for entrepreneurs and startups to make their vision a reality.


Australian universities work closely with governments to foster international collaboration. We invest heavily in research into and commercialisation of new technologies. We have a reputation for supporting businesses and innovation.

Global links

Australian education providers actively promote global research exchange programs. This fosters the cross-pollination of ideas, exposes researchers to current global thinking and practice, and breaks down international borders for study, research and career development.

Industry relevance

Industry experts shape Australian course content, so you’ll gain skills which are valuable to employers everywhere.