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Unlock the door to research and development opportunities in NSW. Learn how you can engage in initiatives that shape advancements and contribute to innovation.

NSW is respected globally as a world-class source of education, research, training, innovation and employment

Research and development in NSW ranges across industries and fields, providing exceptional research opportunities to students through Australian research funding, graduate research options and research centres. But what are these research opportunities? And how can you find them?

NSW education providers are having a significant global impact, with global partnerships and the breaking down of disciplinary borders inspiring a new wave of international collaboration, and practical, applied research in every sphere.

NSW research strengths

The NSW Government has a geospatial database showcasing the state's higher education, research and development capabilities. The NSW Research MapExternal Link  is a virtual 'one-stop shop' for information about more than 650 organisations and pieces of critical research and development infrastructure across NSW.

NSW 20-year research and development roadmap

The NSW 20-Year R&D Roadmap is a recommendation of the Turning ideas into jobs: Accelerating R&D in NSW Action Plan. The Roadmap sets out a 20-year vision for NSW to produce more world-leading new technologies, products and services, and develop and sustain globally competitive advantages and future industries that improve productivity, standards of living, quality of life, and the natural environment.

For more information, visit the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer websiteExternal Link .


Australia has an extraordinary heritage of innovation and invention in science and technology. For a country with a relatively small population, Australia’s impact on the world – via groundbreaking research and development – is disproportionately high. Australians have contributed to the development of technologies like Wi-Fi, penicillin, the cochlear implant, the black box flight recorder and the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine, among many others.

Science student in lab


Australian universities host a huge number of researchers from other countries, and Australian researchers are making significant contributions overseas.


Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) rankings confirm that every one of NSW’s 12 universities is either ‘world-leading’ or ‘world-class’ in at least one sphere of research.

Research strength

More than half of Australia’s research publications since 2015 have been co-authored with researchers in other countries.


NSW universities work closely with governments to foster international collaboration and investment in research and in the commercialisation of technologies, and have established a strong reputation for being pro-business and pro-innovation.

Study Australia Masterclass Library 

Hear from some of Australia’s most renowned academics as they shine a light on the global issues defining our future. Visit the Study Australia websiteExternal Link  to watch the series.