Shivtej Gasti

International student story

Why NSW has a world-class reputation for higher education

Shivtej has completed a Master of International Business at the University of New South Wales. 

About Shivtej

Shivtej decided to study in NSW after hearing about the high living standards, world-class academic reputation (especially in business management), strong economy, opportunities for events and networking. 

Highlights of his NSW journey include cliff climbing at Coffs Harbour, seeing Vivid Sydney and participating in the INTERCHANGE 2022 program. This event gave him a valuable industry networking platform, connecting him with mentors and exposing him to startups and entrepreneurship. Looking to the future, Shivtej sees himself settling in Australia for the next 15 to 20 years. He plans to enter the Australian fashion and apparel industry through textile engineering. 

Shivtej's tips

“Dreaming big is a good thing, follow your interests and explore the world. The research tips are, go for what you like, search on websites for courses and study options, find out employability prospects at the destination, and search for fun activities and networking and volunteering opportunities to explore student life experiences”.

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