Kaelab Kyaw

International student story

Discover NSW: the ultimate study destination

Kaelab is a student from Myanmar completing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.

About Kaelab

Kaelab chose Sydney because it’s Australia’s IT capital and she always dreamed of founding her own tech startup. She was also impressed by NSW’s highly ranked universities and reputation for supporting international students. This includes offering university information webinars and multilingual guides for international students.  

Kaelab’s favourite experience was seeing dolphins while hiking around the Hickson Lookout in Newcastle. She hopes to stay in NSW after graduating, found a tech startup and live in a beach house. 

Kaelab's tips  

“Research universities in NSW and find which are best for what. For example, University of New South Wales is the top for technology, while the University of Newcastle is better for health and clinical studies.” 

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