Arslan Kiyani

International student story

NSW's world-class education offering

Arslan completed a PhD in Electronic Engineering at Macquarie University.

About Arslan

Born in Pakistan, Arslan chose to study in NSW after finding it was home to a supervisor who is one of the world’s top experts in electronic engineering. Arslan also believes Macquarie University offers one of the best research facilities in the world, and one of the only places that offers a 1-year Master by Research degree with full scholarship and an opportunity to enrol in a PhD post-graduation. Beyond academia, Arslan was encouraged by friends who were already studying in Australia to choose Sydney.

To Arslan, Sydney offers the most multicultural environment in Australia. He loves exploring the different neighbourhoods and appreciates opportunities to polish his cross-cultural communications and understanding.

Arslan is now working as a sales account manager in a corporate firm. Moving forward, he is working towards landing a leadership role in the Australian public sector. He believes this would be a fitting way for an international student to give back to Australian community.

Arslan's tips

“It’s important to build a strong local network when you arrive. Find someone who is easy to talk and relate to. Sydney is Australia’s most multicultural place. There are many events and conferences here where you can find more diverse ethnic groups and get to know people. Because of this, people here are open minded, well-developed, mindful and accepting.”

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