Adiba Zarin

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Adiba Zarin

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Adiba is a student from Bangladesh who graduated with a Master of Information Technology at Macquarie University in 2021. She now works as an information technology consultant in financial services. 

About Adiba

Adiba was exposed to Australia at a young age, and encouraged by friends and family – including her mother, who also studied here – to choose NSW. Adiba was also attracted to Sydney’s reputation as the home of major global IT firms.  

The highlight for Adiba’s study journey was watching the resilience of universities during the pandemic. Adiba was inspired to see her university transition quickly and effectively from in-person to online learning. She believes these networks connected international students and made all the difference.  

Adiba's tips  

“Settling in may be challenging at first. Give yourself time to learn about the culture, weather and language. Try to access the right digital resources such as Facebook groups that connect you with the people and communities of NSW.”

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