Julius Solaris

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Julian Solaris alumni stories

Sydney: a stunning city with a world-class education

Julius is an alumnus from Italy who has graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a Master of Business Administration (Marketing) in 2006. She can speak He can speak English and Italy and is currently based in USA.

Tell us about your experience  

I miss studying in NSW, the lifestyle is unmatched. I could live by the beach and still enjoy easy access to studying in the city. The student population was very diverse and international. I experienced everything Sydney has to offer, the fusion of culture, food and traditions. I loved being able to travel in different suburbs and experience food from all over the world. Australia has so much to offer. 

How has studying in NSW benefitted you? 

 Studying in Australia opened up entrepreneurial avenues for me that enabled me to start 2 businesses. The practical approach that my course of study had, helped me to quickly enter the job market with the right knowledge and experience. Employers from around the world are always impressed about my time there and consistently provide positive feedback about the school, course and overall experience.  

What was the highlight? 

My highlight was exploring Sydney. I lived in Manly and commuted by ferry every day to the CBD. This was incredible commute; in 20-minutes you get from a laidback surf-spot to the heart of the city. I also explored different suburbs like Glebe, Balmain, Kirribilli, and North Ryde with my future wife. My campus was in Ultimo and I loved the Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurants there. I’ve never found another vibe like this anywhere else.that was never able to find such an authentic vibe in any other city of the world. 

Where are you working now? 

I am the VP of Marketing Strategy, Events for Hopin, the fastest growing SaaS (Software as a service) of all time. Previously, I founded a technology business I sold in 2018 and a media business I sold in 2019. I’m alsoMy expertise is inOver the past 10 years I’ve also grown into one of the top influencers in the event industry . I've also been granted an EB1 visa in the United States. This means I’m recognised as an alien individual of extraordinary ability for my achievements in the event industry.