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From Sydney student to global startups

Fred is an alumnus from Brazil who graduated from the Macquarie University with a Master of Commerce in Marketing in 2002. He speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French and lives in Brazil.

Why did you choose to study in this field?

I was always fascinated by how innovative ideas go global. I decided studying abroad was the best way to learn how to think big. I needed to understand all sides of the business, which means gaining practical skills, knowledge and experience across accounting, business management and organisation, finance, human resources management and marketing. By studying marketing communications, I discovered one of my greatest passions: public speaking.

Why did you choose NSW?

I spent the millennium New Year’s Eve (2000) in Sydney and fell in love with it. So, I decided to come back after I graduated in Brazil. I chose Macquarie University for its beautiful campus, international departments, and accessible, affordable courses.

Tell us about your experience

It was the best year of my life. The state of NSW is as magical as its people. I loved it all. I could connect with people from all over the world and discover new hobbies like surfing and golf. While studying in NSW, I also developed invaluable career skills like listening, public speaking, leadership and teamwork.

How did you benefit from studying in NSW?

I learned how to collaborate with people from all cultures and backgrounds. I learned a holistic view of the world trade market which empowered me to work on multinational projects with people from all over the world.

What was the highlight?

Learning the Australian way of life. It’s inspiring to see how Australians enjoy nature, respect their community and listen to the voices and opinions of each other.

Did you work with employers or industry groups? If yes, how did it benefit your career?

My work experience in Australia was working on the movies The Matrix 2 and 3!

I was offered an interview opportunity to work with Mitsubishi Australia which I had to declined for personal reasons.

Where are you working now?

I’m the Head of Startups for AWS (Amazon Web Services), Brazil. I lead a team that helps startups grow in the cloud, developing disruptive solutions to solve everyday problems in effective ways.

Can you share any career advice for students or recent graduates?

Stay open-minded, always listen carefully to what people say about your services or industry. This will give you insights on how to improve your internal and external customer experiences.