Aishwarya Gupta

Alumni stories

How I found purpose studying in NSW

Aishwarya is an alumna from India. She graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of International Business in 2022. She can speak English, Hindi and German and is currently based in Sydney.

Why did you choose NSW?

 I’ve always wanted to study abroad. I chose NSW because I wanted to study at Macquarie University, which ranks amongst the top business schools in the world. It’s also positioned close to my aunt in Sydney.

Tell us about your experience studying in NSW.

 It was a colorful mix of experiences and opportunities. I made amazing friends, improved my personal and professional skills, expanded my network, and fell in love with the beauty of NSW.

I began my studies overseas during the pandemic and flew to Sydney in December 2021. At that time, I was halfway through my degree and wanted more in-person experiences to further my development.

I caught up on the time by attending every event on campus, enrolling in lots of activities, volunteering, and working. Studying in-person helped me bond with professors and peers, which was even more enjoyable. I even won the Academic Excellence Award for one of my units.

Did you work with employers or industry groups? If yes, how it benefit your career? 

I did lots of society work, paid work and volunteering in and outside my studies. Before I arrived, I worked on a project targeting menstrual health taboos and period poverty across Australia. I learned the difficulties in launching a startup, as well as the importance of teamwork and organisational ownership.

After arriving in NSW, I joined a global leadership program. This provided opportunities to attend seminars and global conventions to hear from others on their knowledge and experiences. It was also a chance to learn about global issues. These little experiences helped me shape my carrer and what I want to do in life.

Where are you working now?

 I was recently offered a Paid Search Assistant position at Optus.

Why did you choose this career path? 

 I’ve always wanted to find work that is meaningful to me, where my values align with the organization’s and I feel like going to work every day.

Can you share any career advice for students or recent graduates?

 Search for something brings meaning to your life. Remember you’ll be spending most of your life working. You may need to be patient for the right opportunity, but if you know what you want and wait for the right opportunity, you’ll get it.

Do you remain involved in NSW?

 Yes, I try to keep giving back to the community whenever I can.