Study Australia Partnership

Collaboration to drive innovation and outcomes for Team Australia

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Promoting quality education

The Study Australia Partnership (SAP) is a partnership between Austrade and all Australian state and territory study attraction agencies. SAP members are study partners who collaborate on challenges in international education. 

The partnership harnesses the collective efforts to promote Australia as the ultimate study destination. This includes turning our current students into future brand ambassadors. 

The partnership identifies and collaborates on ways to understand and engage key audiences, enhance student experiences and improve the sector’s sustainability. 

Study Australia Partnership events to look out for

The Study Australia Partnership has delivered these events, campaigns and initiatives.

  • International Student Sentiment Survey 
  • Global Agent Week and Global Agent Updates
  • Study Australia Partner Hub 
  • Study Australia Industry Experience Program 
  • International Schools Career Counsellors Series
  • Exhibiting at the annual Australian International Education Conference and ICEF ANZA 
  • South Asia Showcase
  • China Digital Promotion Campaign
  • Study Australia Employment Project 

To learn more visit the Study Australia websiteExternal Link 

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