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Partner with Study NSW to promote education in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

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Education market overview

Latin America is a diverse and fast growing market. More than 30,000 students from Latin America study in NSW and make positive contributions to our communities. 

Latin America is a region that offers several advantages as a market for international education. In Australia currently is 37% of all ELICOS programs and Colombia is the fourth biggest Market in the world.  

Latin America has experienced significant economic growth, resulting in the expansion of the middle class. This rise in disposable income has increased the demand for quality education, including international education. Families in Latin America are increasingly valuing education to secure better opportunities for their children, making them more willing to invest in an international education.  

Meet Melly Arias Holtschamp, Director – International Education, LATAM

Melly Arias Holtschamp is Trade and Investment Director, International Education, for NSW, based at the Australian Embassy in Santiago, Chile. Melly is responsible for driving trade and investment outcomes for international education recruitment in the LATAM region to NSW. Prior to joining Investment NSW, Melly worked at the Australian Education Agency Go Study Australia where she managed the international student's recruitment for Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Before joining Go Study Australia, Melly was the Country Product Manager for Academic Programs and Pathways for Education First attracting Chilean students to study to USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. 

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How Study NSW is promoting education in Latin America 

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Mexico is indeed a promising market for Australian international education due to several factors. It is the third biggest market in LATAM according to statistics from the Australian Education Department.  

Population and Demand: Mexico has a large and growing population, with a significant number of students seeking international education opportunities. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Mexico is one of the largest sources of international students in Latin America.  

Economic Growth: Mexico has experienced steady economic growth over the years, resulting in an expanding middle class and increased disposable income. This allows more families to consider investing in quality education for their children, including international study options.   


Colombia is the number 1 market for Australian international education in Latin America and number 4 in the world due to several factors.  

Growing Demand for Education Abroad. According to the Colombian Ministry of Education, the number of Colombian students studying abroad has increased significantly in recent years, reaching over 60,000 in 2019. The demand for international education is driven by factors such as improving economic conditions, increasing disposable income, and a desire for better educational opportunities.  

Favourable Government Policies, the Colombian government has implemented policies to promote international education and increase the number of Colombians studying abroad.  

Scholarships and financial aid programs are available for Colombian students seeking higher education abroad, which encourages them to consider overseas study options. 30% of students select a Higher Education program to study.  


Chile is the only South American OECD member and is recognised as one of the strongest performing economies in the region. The country has the highest human development index and one of the highest GDPs per capita in Latin America.  

To fuel outbound student mobility and increase interest in postgraduate studies abroad, the Chilean government continues to fund their popular Becas Chile scholarship programme. Meanwhile, their “Penguins without Borders” programme funds the best high school students to study for six months in New Zealand or Canada at the secondary school level.  

The NSW Government has expanded its international network, with Latin America and have a dedicated education-focussed position. These roles promote NSW as the best place in Australia to study, live and work.   

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