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Transforming NSW through education innovation

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Enhance learning with innovation

Study NSW works with education providers and industry to advance and diversify Education Technology (EdTech). This includes technology that impacts student mobility and improves education delivery and engagement. This creates opportunities to enhance the international education experience.  


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EdTech companies in Australia


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How we make opportunities happen 

Study NSW works with NSW’s EdTech and international education sectors to make opportunities happen. We do this by: 

  1. Supporting and co-funding industry-led research and innovation to build market intelligence, to help NSW education providers and businesses access new opportunities 
  2. Strengthening the state’s education innovation ecosystem by strengthening partnerships between innovative businesses and education providers 
  3. Expanding NSW’s international education and related services to new global markets through our export support programs, trade missions and resources. 

How we're supporting innovation


The Study NSW EdTech ecosystem program: 

  • grows the number of female workers and founders of EdTech companies in NSW 
  • help local EdTech companies expand with NSW Government export support programs 
  • brings the world’s best EdTech to Australia.  


Study NSW supports international education businesses and students. This includes opportunities for offices and connections in the: 

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