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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, keen researcher or looking to learn English – there’s a place for you in New South Wales (NSW).

This stunning state is home to many of Australia’s top education providers. But how do you find the right place to study for you? Here are some helpful tips.

Education providers in Australia: How to choose a university, college, or institute

NSW offers a diverse range of education providers for students to choose from. This includes some of Australia’s best universities for international students, alongside colleges, TAFEs (Technical and Further Education Providers), tertiary education centers and private providers.

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Frequently asked questions

How many universities can you apply to in Australia?

For international students, there’s no limit to how many providers you can apply to in Australia. However, it’s best to focus on your top choices so you can make the most of the applications.

Are Australian universities government owned?

Yes, most universities are government owned and regulated. There are also private education providers.

What is the difference between colleges and universities?

While universities are larger institutions offer undergraduate and graduate degrees or courses, colleges are education providers such as technical schools and or places to study vocational education and training (VET) courses.

Can international students access dorms?

Residential colleges offer fully furnished rooms with 3 catered meals a day and laundry services. The University of Sydney has several residence halls on campus where you can enjoy quality, affordable and self-catered housing. This option is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

What should I study in Australia?

Finding courses is simple using our Course Finder. Once you know your field of study, you can find relevant degrees and programs, alongside the education providers providing them.