Finding a job

There are many different ways to find a job in Sydney and NSW. Here are some resources to help you get started.

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Before you start looking

Student visa holders can work no more than 48 hours a fortnight while studying. Student visa holders have no work restrictions when their course of study or training is not in session.

Visit the Department of Home AffairsExternal Link  for more information about work rights for student visa holders.

Check the rules at Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).External Link 

Use the Fair Work Ombudsman's Pay and Conditions ToolExternal Link  to find out pay rates, penalties, allowances and leave entitlements. If you have questions about your pay and conditions at work, you can visit Link  for help. This website has information available in 27 languages.

If you're an overseas student and enrolled to study in Australia in a course that lasts for 6 months or more, you may be regarded as an Australian resident for tax purposes. Learn how to create a Tax File Number through the Australian Tax Office.External Link 

Depending on your qualification you may be entitled to work rights after your studies, but not all students will be eligible. Check the eligibility criteria and rules on the official Department of Home AffairsExternal Link  website.

Top 5 tips for finding work

  1. Use NSW Jobs Connect to find jobs available for international students
  2. Gain valuable experience through a volunteering placement
  3. Get involved in employability programs
  4. Make sure to attend career and job fairs
  5. Know your work rights – they are the same as Australians

Find a job with NSW Jobs Connect for International Students

NSW Jobs Connect for International Students is an NSW Government initiative connecting international students with employers to kick start their global careers.

We’re enriching the international student experience by offering employment opportunities during study and after graduation. This reinforces NSW’s position as a global destination to study, live, and work, as well as stimulates workplace diversity, innovation and productivity.

Learn more

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How to write an impactful job application

Through this MasterclassExternal Link , you will gain tips in writing an impactful application. Stand out from the crowd by using effective job application techniques, including writing your cover letters, and presenting yourself through your resume.

Build a standout application profile that employers could access, and easily apply for jobs using your SEEK profile. Get firsthand pointers from recruiters how they assess application documents.

How to access the Australian employment marketplace as an international student

This MasterclassExternal Link  is designed for you to understand the Australian job market. You will pick up the stark differences of getting hired in Australia, and will help you identify opportunities for international students.

Through the masterclass, you would appreciate how you can strategically start your career through accessing jobs while you are studying and after your studies.

You will also know employment platforms that you can use to look for jobs, including using #NSWJobsConnectExternal Link  within SEEK.

Online portals 

You can find many opportunities for NSW careers and student jobs using our online job portals. Many of these opportunities are ideal for students looking for jobs, casual work and even summer jobs for international students. 

Education institution boards 

Keep an eye out for job boards on your campus.  

Get job ready

Careers NSWExternal Link  have prepared advice on resumes, cover letters and interviews.

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