NSW Jobs Connect for International Students

This award-winning initiative connects international students with jobs, masterclasses and internships.

Dive into the talent pool

Discover an exciting range of jobs to launch your career

Study NSW is passionate about creating employment opportunities for international students. NSW Jobs Connect is an Australia-first program between Study NSW and the job-seeking platform SEEK. The program connects international students with NSW employers to dive into incredible career opportunities.

As an international student, you can search for jobs before you arrive in NSW, during your studies or after graduation, plus access career-ready masterclasses and internships. Our programs also allow you to learn:

  • how other international students landed their dream job
  • how to identify your strengths, weaknesses and skills gaps
  • how to promote yourself effectively
  • valuable real-life experience with a business, community or government organisation

Dive into the SEEK talent pool

Our partnership with SEEK allows us to help international students find quality jobs across Sydney and NSW.

You can search for jobs on SEEK using the hashtag #NSWJobsConnect. This helps you find relevant roles from over 200 NSW employers across 30 industries who are offering exciting opportunities.

Watch our videoExternal Link  to learn how you can apply to find a job as an international student using the SEEK platform.


External Link Search for jobs on SEEK

NSW Jobs Connect Industry Experience Programs

With NSW Jobs Connect, international students can access free employability programs.


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Study Australia Industry Experience two-week Program

Get real consulting and industry experience with professional coaching and level up your professional skills.

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NSW Jobs Connect Industry Experience four-week Program

Designed to assist international students to enhance employability skills and launch global careers through genuine industry experience.