Faith and religion

Discover diverse faith and religion resources tailored for international students in NSW and explore cultural and spiritual connections to enhance your experience.

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NSW is one of the most culturally diverse states in the world

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring everyone has the right to practice their religion in NSW.

With 66.7% of our population practicing a religion and almost 150 religions represented, NSW offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students of all faiths. 

Religious events 

To promote intercultural understanding, cultural diversity, community harmony and social inclusion, Multicultural NSWExternal Link  has compiled the Days of Religious Significance 2024 calendarDownload File . 

Developed in consultation with the Religious Communities Forum, the calendar helps meet the needs of international students and their education providers.

Please note it is not a comprehensive list of every day of religious observance. There may also be different religious interpretations relating to some dates. 

Religion in NSW

In 2021, the main religious affiliation in NSW was Christianity (47.6%). This proportion has decreased over time as people reporting non-Christian religions and no religious affiliation have increased. In 2016, Christian affiliation was 55.2%, and in 1971 it was 88.4%.

In 2021, 12.1% of people in NSW were affiliated with a non-Christian religion. The most common were Islam (4.3%), Hinduism (3.4%) and Buddhism (2.8%).

The percentage of people who identified as having no religious affiliation was 33.2% in 2021.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021 CensusExternal Link 

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