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Every year Study NSW co-funds projects that are delivered in partnership with industry.

Since launching in 2014, Study NSW’s Partner Project has invested $2.8 million across 67 partner projects and attracted $8.8 million in industry co-funding.

All NSW Government grant programs have been placed on hold as part of a Comprehensive Expenditure Review being coordinated by NSW Treasury. Please subscribe to our mailing list where we will announce Partner Projects key dates.

Partner Project funding is available over two years per project. All funds are matched by industry contributions, including through in-kind contributions.

For a grant activity to be eligible it must focus on international education in NSW. Examples include:

  • developing a technology-enabled solution to connect international students to legal support
  • undertaking research and advocacy to support the diversification of international education in regional NSW
  • developing a digital micro-credential in partnership with education institutions and local industry to support the international student experience
  • delivering events that enhance connection between international students and NSW community.

Partner projects are strategic, innovative, benefit the international education sector and address gaps not currently being addressed by the sector, including for regional NSW, solutions to emerging issues, and sector resilience and diversification.

Current Partner Projects for 2022/23

Projects to boost the employability of international students, promote wellbeing and support the recovery of the NSW international education sector are set to share in $400,000 as part of the NSW Government’s Partner Projects grant program.

250x150 English Australia Logo

English Australia

$81,500 to deliver a research paper identifying source countries offering high market development potential across all international education sectors

250x150 English Australia Logo

English Australia

$75,500 to deliver the Student Engagement Guide in Online Delivery, a research project identifying opportunities for potential to deploy Edtech/online learning

250x150 Global Study Partners Logo

Global Study Partners

$75,000 to deliver a searchable database on pathways to skilled occupation opportunities for international students in selected regional NSW hubs

250x150 Insider Studios Logo

Insider Studios

$71,350 to deliver an innovative online multimedia pre-arrival resource for international students

250x150 UTS Logo

University of Technology Sydney

$48,000 to deliver AusLEAP, a community-focused program connecting international students in metropolitan and regional universities with local organisations to undertake volunteering opportunities

250x150 The FRANK Team

The FRANK Team

$36,553 to deliver INTERCHANGE, a virtual employability program introducing international students to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation

The University of Sydney

The FRANK Team

$30,000 to deliver INTERCHANGE 2022, a seven-week Work Integrated Learning program offered in collaboration with seven universities

Get involved

Details on how international students can get involved will be shared through the Study NSW mailing list and promoted through the Study NSW FacebookInstagram, LinkedInTwitter and WeChat.

If you have questions regarding a particular project, please email study.nsw@investment.nsw.gov.au

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