Carolina Castillo

Where is your home country?


Where do you live now? 


What languages do you speak?

Spanish, English

What was the name of your course?

Bachelor of Art Advertising, Master of Business Administration

When did you graduate?

2002, 2014

What was the name of your education institution?

Charles Sturt University, Asia Pacific International College

Enjoy and try to practice what you learn. To me the key is practice what you learn and practice it a lot.

Student life

Why did you choose to study in this field?

My first course was in advertising. It was my dream to travel the world and study advertising. I was very lucky to be able to make my dreams come true. I decided on Charles Sturt University because that year the university got an award as having the best advertising course and they also had a student advertising agency in-house. I was doing my English course at the same university at that time and therefore chose to study advertising there too.  At the end of my course, I was awarded a scholarship and went to a university in Malaysia which gave me the opportunity to experience another culture. After that, I worked for 10 years in advertising and then decided to go to   Australia to do an MBA. I chose APIC, because it gave me a double degree in project management. After graduation, I got a job offer to be the General Manager of an advertising agency in Panama and I have now been a Managing Director for seven years. My focus is to help advertising agencies service companies to expand and grow internationally.

Why did you decide to study in NSW?

I was studying law in Colombia, and I had difficulties with my English. My dream was to travel and study advertising.  It just so happened that I was failing English at the university and my mom suggested I go to Australia for six months to study. I moved to Wagga Wagga, in NSW, and that's how I ended up at Charles Sturt University (CSU). It was a small town, but I really loved the campus. I got to know the communication course and decided to stay in Australia and make my dream of studying advertising come true.

Tell us about your experience studying in NSW

I lived and studied in Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Bathurst, all of them very different places but very nice to live as a student. NSW has great universities and schools in many different places, whether you like the beach or the city or maybe a rural town like life. Bathurst for example, is so close to Sydney that you can travel there very easily on a weekend.

What was the highlight of your experience studying in NSW?

It completely changed my life and mindset. I arrived when I was 18   and I came back from NSW at 34 years old. It helped me to become more grounded, more open, and enjoy a simpler life. It is the best experience anyone can have.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Many, I have a great career that is global. I have experiences in different markets and leading teams from different cultures.

Career goals and advice

What are you doing now in your career?

I have been a Managing Director in an advertising agency, and I now work as a business consultant. I am helping businesses grow and grow internationally.

Why did you decide to follow your chosen career path? 

To be honest, it was a dream I had since young. No idea how it came to me. But I had issues learning in my home country. But In Australia I did great. Partly because I really loved my career path but also, I guess the motivation I felt with my classmates, and I guess the system just worked for me.

Can you share any career advice for current students or graduates?

Enjoy and try to practice what you learn. If you are doing marketing, try to perhaps create a start-up or help a start-up. To me the key is practice what you learn and practice it a lot. The 10,000-hour rule is real!

What is the best way to develop a social life in NSW?

Be open to meet other people. NSW is great because you will meet people from all over the world and just that will open your mind a lot. Enjoy other cultures.

Do you remain involved in NSW?

No, currently. But I would love to.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience studying in NSW?

I think is the best place for any international student. Great place, great weather, great people and great education and future opportunities.