NSW Jobs Connect for International Students

Connecting international students with employers

A New South Wales Government initiative delivered in partnership with Study NSW and SEEK.

NSW Jobs Connect for International Students is a NSW Government initiative connecting international students with employers to kick start their global careers. Together with industry, we’re enriching the international student experience by offering employment opportunities during study and after graduation. This reinforces NSW’s position as a global destination to study, live, and work.

Employers across Sydney and NSW play an important role in supporting international students and graduates to enhance their skills, career goals and professional development. In return, this stimulates workplace diversity, innovation and productivity.

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For international students

If you’re an international student or graduate and keen to gain valuable work experience while completing your studies, we will walk you through rules and regulations of employment and connect you with opportunities.

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For NSW employers

Employers across Sydney and NSW are invited to sign to NSW International Student Business Charter. Your business will be showcased in the NSW Jobs Connect campaign and jobs offered to international students.

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NSW International Student Business Charter

Signatories to the Charter commit to:

Respecting international students focus on a quality Australian education

Employers understand that international student's primary purpose in Australia is to study and agree to safeguard their course progression.

Providing opportunities for international students and graduates to succeed

Employers recognise the potential of international students and agree to foster employment and development opportunities.

Promoting international students wellbeing and celebrating cultural diversity

Employers value international students and graduates diversity, follow Australian employment law, are sensitive to cultural and language needs, and offer safe work environments that are free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Meet current signatories

Click here to view the current signatories and jobs available for international students.

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