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Engaging international students in the workplace

International students have broad work rights in Australia making it easy for employers to engage their unique skills and experience. International students and graduates can help diversify your organisation, enhance cultural capital and expand international networks.

NSW at a glance

NSW study destinations

In 2018, there were 264,778 international students in NSW.

The top 10 nationalities are:

1. China (29%)

2. Nepal (11%)

3. India (9%)

4. Brazil (5%)

5. Republic of South Korea (4%)

6. Thailand (4%)

7. Vietnam (3%)

8. Indonesia (3%)

9. Malaysia (2%)

10. Columbia (2%)

Source: Department of Education and Training,


International education supported 95,692 jobs in NSW and 247,454 jobs in Australia in 2018


Worth $34 billion to the Australian economy and $12 billion to the NSW economy


NSW has the largest share of international student enrolments in Australia (38.4%)

International students in the workplace

As Australia’s fourth largest export, the international education sector is worth almost $34 billion to the economy each year and supports more than 247,454 jobs. That’s putting a whole lot of good back into business. But the benefits of international education don’t stop there. More and more employers are realising the value of a diverse, globally minded workforce. Australian employers also need a diverse and sustainable talent pool to drive growth, and remain competitive in a global economy. The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) has explored these opportunities in a new white paper for employers.

International student visas and working rights

Employers considering hiring international students need to abide by Australian employment law. The Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO) allows visa holders, employers and education providers to check visa conditions.

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Ways to engage

From mentoring to work-integrated learning programs, internships and casual work, there are many opportunties to enhance and diversify your organisation while providing a meaningful experience to international students.

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International education insights

Through a new initiative, Broaden Our Horizons, the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) has published a series of articles on the international education sector and trends from industry experts.

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