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UnionPay International provides high-quality, cost-effective and secure cross-border payment services to the world's largest cardholder base. It ensures convenient services for global cardholders and merchants. UnionPay International has enabled card acceptance in 174 countries and regions.

A dynamic industry leader

‘Sydney is the financial centre of Australia and an education hub as well, so there are many Asian students studying in Sydney and so many companies in Sydney that have a strong connection to the other Asian cities,’ says James Yang, General Manager for UnionPay International South Pacific.

Mr Yang says that international students from China and other Asian countries are UnionPay card holders, so ‘they can provide very good first-hand feedback regarding their payment experience in Australia.’


Financial card scheme from China with footprint in 174 countries and regions


Offers high quality, cost effective and secure payments services


Over 4,000 educational institutions accept Union Pay for tuition payments


UnionPay app can make mobile payments in 47 countries and regions


Offers internships for students


Coordinates a study abroad program

From an employer perspective

Listening to the  international student community gives UnionPay International an opportunity to form its future business in Australia. The company is delighted to help international students settle into study and work here. UnionPay International encourages international students to embrace the culture in Australia and enjoy it.

As the payment industry is changing rapidly, UnionPay International is excited to engage with younger people who can provide new and exciting ideas.

‘UnionPay International is a very dynamic company and a very good platform for our staff to develop their skills and their knowledge’, says Mr Yang.


My advice for other international students is to improve your communication skills and make more friends with people from different cultural backgrounds to become more confident - Emily Li, International student graduate

From a student perspective

Emily Li is an international student graduate and has been in Sydney for five years. She graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in professional accounting. Emily chose to study accounting in Sydney because Macquarie University is famous for its major in the subject.

‘If you choose to study abroad you will become more independent and get more experience,’ Emily says.

Emily works at UnionPay International as an accounting and administration assistant. ‘Working here, during the daily work you learn how to improve your soft skills. My colleagues always provide me with lots of advice,’ she says.

Emily recommends that international students ‘improve your communication skills and make more friends with people from different cultural backgrounds, to become more confident.’

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