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doq is a global, cross-cultural marketing agency that helps businesses—from startups to government institutions—with their marketing activities.

A thriving global agency

The agency specialises in helping Japanese companies adapt their marketing for Australia, New Zealand and the Asia–Pacific region, as well as helping Australian companies get into the Japanese market. The agency’s services include developing brand and digital strategies, providing creative solutions for advertising, managing media planning and buying, as well as planning and managing events.

Founded in 2009, doq builds a bridge of ideas connecting people around the world with their clients’ work. The team at doq believes that innovative ideas often come from the convergence of cultures.

‘Sydney is like a small version of the world in terms of diversity, so it’s actually a great place for businesses to test their product and brand,’ says Group Managing Director Yoshinori Sakuno.


A global, cross-cultural marketing agency


Founded in Chicago and developed in Sydney


Celebrated 10 years in business in 2019


NSW Asian Exporter Finalist, 2018 Premier's NSW Export Awards


Located in a co-working space in Pyrmont, Sydney


Business Services Finalist, 2017 Premier's NSW Export Awards

From an employer perspective

When considering placements, Group Managing Director Yoshinori Sakuno says the ideal international student is one whose ‘personal purpose is matched to doq’s company purpose’.

Because much of their work is project and client-based, no two days at doq are the same. Students will get more out of their time with the agency if they are proactive and curious.

The agency seeks students with experience and capabilities that the company doesn’t have. ‘For example, nowadays international students are much more digitally, technologically, or social networking savvy. We can actually learn from them how they use these technologies for marketing solutions. They’re doing that naturally,’ says Mr Sakuno.

Mr Sakuno’s advice to students is to ‘Find something only they can do. There should be something that only they can do from their life experiences.’

The benefit of engaging international students is that they contribute different skills, perspectives and values. ‘They also build a new company culture,’ says Mr Sakuno. ‘These young, potential international candidates always bring something new and that becomes part of the company culture. I really enjoy having them working for us.’


The benefit of engaging international students is that they contribute different skills, perspectives and values - Yoshi Sakuno, doq

From a student perspective

International student graduate Miho Hamaue is an account supervisor for the lifestyle and food team at doq. Miho completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and enjoys applying what she learned to her job at doq.

‘The studying abroad experience changed me to get more flexible and more open to people from other countries.’

At doq, Miho learns about team dynamics. She finds that the agency, being small, is more like a work family. Miho appreciates that at doq she ‘can keep learning.’

Miho loves Sydney’s cultural events such as the food markets and Sculpture by the Sea.

Her advice to international students is to ‘learn the language first a little bit in the country. Try to be open to differences. Also, find a passion.’

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