Kota Omaru

Where is your home country?


What languages do you speak?

Japanese and English

Fun fact

This year I met my surfing idol (Kanoa Igarashi) while catching waves at Newcastle Beach. Newcastle hosted the World Surf League Championship Tour and surfers from all over the world came to compete. The experience was a dream come true.

What is the name of your course?

English language

What is the name of your education provider?

TAFE NSW Newcastle

Tell us about your experience studying in NSW

Before coming to NSW, I lived in a small village in Japan and spent all of my time working at a tea factory. I wanted to continue my studies and experience a new city, so I came to Newcastle. During my time here, I have learnt a new language, learnt how to surf, found a job and opportunities for volunteering. It has been a fulfilling journey to come to a new place and have the opportunities to learn and connect with new people.

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I have really enjoyed becoming part of the local community

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

I have really enjoyed becoming part of the local community. At TAFE, my classmates are from all over the world and I’ve enjoyed learning about their countries and cultures. I have also learnt how to surf and that has been another way to meet new friends. I work in a café which helps me practice the language skills and I also volunteer at a local Karate school. Newcastle is a really welcoming place – if you want to be part of something, it’s easy to get involved.

What advice do you have for other international students?

Newcastle is a peaceful place with a supportive community. If you enjoy the outdoors, you should study in Newcastle. The natural landscapes are well preserved and there are a lot of places to swim and surf.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Studying in NSW has given me the valuable opportunity to learn a new language, and this has helped me connect with new people and also secure employment. I am grateful for the teachers at TAFE and the students that I study with. It’s like a family.