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Global Leadership Program
Macquarie University

The Macquarie University Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a university-funded extra-curricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree. Students complete two core program requirements: an intensive, internationally-themed workshop series run by leading academics and experts, and cross-cultural practical activities, such as volunteering, internships, seminars and conferences. GLP staff also design and run events and symposia to China, Canberra, and cultural hubs within Sydney. In 2017, there were 3981 students in the program, with 712 of these international students. The GLP improves the international student experience by enhancing cross-cultural relationships and removing barriers to community participation. Students believe the GLP adds value to their degree and strengthens their networks. ‘One of the reasons I chose Macquarie University was because it offers the GLP,’ says Aisyah Zakiyyah. ‘It gives many opportunities for students to enrich their knowledge and motivated me to actively take part in the community.’

Ready for Western
Western Sydney University

Ready for Western is a fun, innovative six-week online game designed to help international students settle into Australia and life at Western Sydney University. The game provides online and on-campus challenges with rewards sourced from on-campus organisations and businesses in the wider community. The challenges provide important information about living and studying in Australia and Western Sydney. Tips on accommodation, working in Australia, social opportunities, academic support and student administration are delivered in a ‘just-in-time’ framework. There’s also the opportunity to connect with other students and staff at events such as the Sydney Eye Tower Skywalk and football games. During its 2018 pilot, more than 600 students played Ready for Western. ‘Without the game, it would have taken me longer to find out about various kinds of student support, like the Study Smart Zone in the library,’ said Sarah Saalfeld. ‘I felt more connected to the university than I did when I was studying at home.’

The Student Experience Passport
University of Newcastle

Part of the University of Newcastle (UON) Language Centre’s Student Experience program, the Student Experience Passport was designed to break down barriers and facilitate meaningful connections with the community. The philosophy of the passport is that opportunities for engagement need to initially be ‘engineered’ for international students. Established in 2017, the passport is organised under four pillars— Orientate Yourself, Practice English, Explore Newcastle and Experience Community—with activities that help students adapt to a new campus and city, foster friendships and improve their English. ‘The Student Passport was a great support for me to get in touch with other students in different settings where I could use and improve my language skills on a daily basis,’ said Elissa Choudery. ‘I’m happy that there was so much more beyond the classroom that enriched my daily life.’

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