Scams Awareness Toolkit

Proudly funded by NSW Government through Study NSW

Providing content to raise awareness about scams and prevent fraudulent activities targeting international students. Access the Toolkit.

Study NSW is proud to release the Scams Awareness Toolkit, developed as part of one of our 2020-21 Partner Projects.

This project aims to communicate key educational messages to international students to warn and protect them against fraudulent scams targeting them and the wider population.

The Toolkit is a suite of materials for education providers to use to raise awareness among international students about the nature of scams and what steps students can take if they are a victim of a scam.

The Toolkit features 19 messages which have been co-designed with international students ready to be published online, through websites and social media.

This project was developed to respond to a rising number of scams targeting international students in Australia as recorded by the NSW Police Force.

This project was a partnership between the following organisations:

The assets included in the toolkit are available in both English and Simplified Chinese, with formats used on different platforms.

The Toolkit is available here.

The Toolkit include suggested copy and links to all assets.

All the assets are available through a webpage.

Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett

Financial Crimes Squad Commander

Detective Linda Howlett

With online scams on the rise, we urge international students to be careful about who they interact with and how.

Never provide personal information, such as banking or account details, to anyone who contacts you over the phone; particularly if it’s in a threatening or intimidating context.