Khanh Chi (Kathy) Nguyen

What is the name of your course?

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

What is the name of your education institution?

Macquarie University.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I actually wanted to become a teacher since I was 5.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you? 

I was the winner of the 2022 NSW International Student of the Year, recognised by Study NSW for my excellent contributions to NSW communities.

Prior to this, I was elected School Captain of Dulwich High School, where I could develop my leadership and problem-solving skills, and connect with the broader society. This experience has allowed me to coordinate numerous events and collaborate with organisations to support the communities in NSW. This has boosted my confidence in speaking in front of a thousand students and teachers. Studying in NSW has also allowed me to take part in volunteering pursuits where I meet inspirational people and immerse myself in its multiculturalism.

In addition, I was also a former Student Support Executive at UAVS-NSW. Studying in NSW has also given me the opportunities to help other international students by sharing my experience and advice, such as by speaking at education events and facilitation cultural events that embrace Vietnamese and Australian cultures.

My teachers at Dulwich High School also supported me greatly, since I came to Australia, allowing me to figure out my passion and academic ability for Mathematics.

What has been your favourite experience in NSW? 

Apart from studying, academic and volunteering pursuits, I enjoy the nature and recreational activities in NSW. During my free time, I go to museums, galleries, beaches and hiking tracks. I love discovering new areas and sharing my findings with others, especially with those of my family in Vietnam, who were also former international students in Australia.

Enjoy your time in NSW, especially with all the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you to grasp.

What advice do you have for other international students? 

Enjoy your time in NSW, especially with all the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you to grasp. This will enhance your connection with NSW and its people, while broadening your future career choices and networks.

Please provide a short testimonial about your experience studying in NSW.

My experience in studying in NSW has been fun, full of opportunities and support from my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, the local community and the state of NSW itself.

NSW student Kathy Nguyen with her family and her award

NSW student Kathy Nguyen and her high school friends