Alejandra Lizbeth Gutierrez Hernandez

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Where is your home country?


What do you study?

Master of International Communication

Where do you study?

Macquarie University

What languages do you speak?

Spanish and English

What advice do you have for other international students?

Be strongly motivated. Being away from home can be challenging, but keeping in mind the path you have traveled and your goals will help you to maintain direction. I also recommend watching the news and listening to the radio in order to be up to date on current issues. Look for additional sources for learning (like tutorials and conferences). Be in touch with family and friends, as they provide support and strength. Be independent, but ask for help if you need it and try to help others as well. Be constant and persistent and always give your best.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Thanks to the Endeavour Leadership Program, my goal of becoming a postgraduate international student in NSW came true. Being an Endeavour recipient represents a unique opportunity to me in the educational, professional and personal spheres.

Receiving a quality education at Macquarie University (MQ) was a big opportunity. In MQ's Global Leadership Program (GLP), I gained cross-cultural experience and developed global awareness, leadership and innovation skills.

Additionally, I have been able to expand the reach of my career while studying in NSW and have developed skills in areas such as: corporate, institutional and intercultural communication, social media, international relations; media and communication for social change.

Last but not least, thanks to the Robert Menzies College Resident Scholarship, I had the chance to focus on my studies in a supportive atmosphere. NSW's multicultural environment has allowed me to make friends from Australia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia among other countries.

Having the support from my family and loved ones was important in this learning and self-discovery journey.

This is why, in the future, I would like to contribute to positive change in my nation as well as to foster ongoing collaboration between my home and host countries, like Australia.

Alejandra Lizbeth at the Australia Awards

Fun fact

I am a serious person, but I like attending Zumba classes and dancing alone at home. I enjoy reading, writing and listening to the radio. Before coming to Australia, I edited magazines, wrote articles and presented radio features about justice, elections and democracy in my home state, where I had the opportunity to interview local and national figures on those topics.

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

As part of MQ's extracurricular GLP, I was selected to be a delegate at the Symposium Canberra 2018 through which I gained knowledge about Australia's politics, government, media, history and culture. We visited Parliament House, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the War Memorial, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the National Museum. I also had the chance to learn more about the ABC's journalistic work and about Australia's soft power in a briefing at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. I also gained a deeper understanding of diplomacy and international relations as part of our visit to the embassies of the United States, Korea, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Another great memory was attending the 9th International Conference on Human Rights Education, celebrated at Western Sydney University. I participated in workshops and discovered initiatives for protecting human rights in different parts of the world.

I also loved The Rocks Discovery Museum, the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Equally meaningful to me, were MQ's Scholars Connect Reception, the Endeavour's Networking Afternoon at MQ's City Campus and the Australia Awards Welcome and Farewell Celebration.

Alejandra Lizbeth receiving an award