Nixon Cheung

Where is your home city?

Hong Kong

Where do you live now?

Hong Kong

What languages do you speak?

English, Cantonese and Mandarin

What was the name of your course?

Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing

When did you graduate?


What was the name of your education provider?

Macquarie University

I chose to pursue my studies in Sydney, NSW, as it’s renowned for its extreme education quality, its breath-taking landscapes and its very close business relationship between the industries and the universities.

Student life

Why did you decide to study in NSW?

In coming from Hong Kong, our first preferences towards Australia have always been predominated by Sydney or Melbourne, either for studies or travel. Eventually I chose to pursue my studies in Sydney, NSW, as it’s renowned for its extreme education quality, its breath-taking landscapes and its very close business relationship between the industries and the universities. It is a state that enables the students to connect with industrial leaders given the very active business activities happening daily in NSW.

The state also offers stunning natural landscapes and great weather making it perfect for getaways during the summer breaks.

Tell us about your experience studying in NSW

Hong Kong is no doubt a metropolis that connects the world. Having said that, I found NSW to be very diverse. I met people from all around the world, from all races, both in the classroom and socially.

As for my study experience, Macquarie provided me with a very solid foundation in both commerce and marketing that enabled me to fly thereafter, whether in China or Hong Kong. I also made good friends in class and we are still connected even though we are apart geographically.

What was the highlight of your experience living in NSW?

I visited a place called Kiama, which is quite remote but amazing. Sometimes people like me (from a metropolitan area) never get the chance to really look at the sky and immerse ourselves in nature. A short trip to Kiama and its surroundings created lifelong memories. I witnessed stunning mother nature, and that memory will always stay with me no matter what happens, at school or at work.

Another highlight was obviously Vivid Sydney. It was THE BEST immersive light projection that I have ever seen in any part of the world! I later experienced a smaller scale projection at the Peninsula Hong Kong, and I proudly told my friend it's just like Vivid Sydney.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you? 

Studying in NSW means a lot to me. I truly believe in the potential and opportunities in Australia, especially NSW. Here is an interesting example - the company that I am working for is currently bidding for the Sydney CityRail, and I so happen to be the only one who has lived in Sydney and have the first-hand and in-person experience that benefits our bid.

Also, the NSW alumni network is truly worldwide. I often meet professionals who are proud NSW graduates!

What is the best way to develop a social life in NSW?

Be as active as possible and join different social clubs and teams! Take every opportunity to engage with professors and industrial leaders. Make friends with your classmates who share similar passions with you. They might be the ones that you co-create a company with! Most of all, stay out of your comfort zone and take the first step. No one will come to you actively. Only you can make the change. If the world doesn't change for you, you become the change!

Career goals and advice

What are you doing now in your career?

Currently, I am working as the Head of Commercial and Brand for Hong Kong Tramways, which is a Guinness World Record holder transportation owned by the RATP Group. I am overseeing both the commercial means and the marketing means of the company, with frequent contribution to the APAC region. Given the heavily pushed STEM direction at schools, I was also nominated as a General Manager in one of our subsidiaries, managing the P&L for the company. It is like a dream come true if you consider I was still studying in Australia for my undergraduate degree 10 years ago, not to mention some of my stories and strategies will also be published by Harvard as case studies later!

Why did you decide to follow your chosen career path?

Every day when I wake up, the question I ask myself is whether I am still passionate for my job, and to what extent I am still eager to bring changes to the company. Looking back, I didn't really choose a career path and it's more like the job chose me. The dots (the skills I learned, the experiences that I had) have connected and have brought me to where I am today, and made me become who I am as a person and a marketing professional.

I guess by the time I chose my major, I was determined enough to walk my way down that road and no matter what came, I tried to make it for my benefits and get the best out of it.

Can you share any career advice for current students or graduates?

I was once a graduate and I can totally understand the frustration and urgency to land a job. Having said that I was rather one to stay slow than to rush into a wrong direction. Learn about your own passion, choose your path wisely and plan ahead. Be as determined as you can once you have made your call. Make things happen no matter what. Trust that you have the value and will shine one day. There are people or companies in the world that measure everyone by their speed to climb a tree, but ignoring some could be a fish, or a bird. Don't underestimate your true value, which is not measured by the others, but be reassured by yourself!

NSW Alumni Nixon Cheung received an awards in his professional life

NSW Alumni Nixon Cheung and a group of friends in front of MRT station in Hong Kong