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Work while you study

Working while you study in Australia can help complement your entire student experience.

Australia is a great place to work as an international student. You may choose to work while you are studying. This can be an option to earn extra spending money and get a taste of the local culture. Here are a few things to remember:

Work hours: Until 30 June 2023, all ongoing students as well as new student arrivals and secondary applicants can work more than 40 hours a fortnight in any sector of the economy and work before their course of study commences.

From 1 July 2023, work hours for international students are capped to 48 hours per fortnight.

This modest increase will help students to support themselves financially, gain valuable work experience and contribute to Australia’s workforce needs while they study.

More information on student visa work hours is available at the Department of Home Affairs website.

Workplace protections: You have the same protections at work as anyone else working in Australia.

Minimum wage: You will get at least a minimum rate of pay per hour no matter what job you do.

Strong support: You will find support every step of your journey as a student worker. Help is always available from government and private organisations as well as your education institution.

Post-study work arrangements

The Australian Government announced the list of qualifications that will be considered for an extended post-study ‘stay and work’ period.

The intention to extend post-study work rights was announced in late 2022. The list of relevant degrees has now been released, based on recommendations to the Government by a group of industry experts.

Extended post-study work rights are intended for international students graduating with degrees linked to workforce shortages in Australia.

Under the Temporary Graduate Work visa (subclass 485), the post-study ‘stay and work’ period for eligible graduates of listed qualifications will increase, as follows:

  • Four years for Bachelor degree graduates, up from two years previously.
  • Five years for Master degree graduates, up from three years previously.
  • Six years for doctoral graduates, up from four years previously.

The extension is in addition to the existing additional one to two years of work rights for eligible students who study, live and work in regional areas.

The new extensions will apply from 1 July 2023.


You will be eligible for this extension if:

  • you meet all the eligibility criteria for the Post-Study Work stream of the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), and
  • your qualification is on the list of eligible qualifications (see below).

In addition, one of the following must also apply:

  • You hold a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) on 1 July 2023, or
  • You have lodged an application for a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) by 1 July 2023, or
  • You lodge an application for a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) after 1 July 2023.

If you hold a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) that expires before 1 July 2023, but you do hold an eligible qualification, you can still apply for this extension. However, in this case, you will be granted a two-year Temporary Activity Australian Government Endorsed Events (COVID-19 Pandemic Event) visa (subclass 408) instead of a further Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485).

You are also eligible for a two-year Temporary Activity Australian Government Endorsed Events (COVID-19 Pandemic event) visa (subclass 408) if:

  • You were granted a Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) before 15 December 2021, and
  • The visa took effect on or after 1 February 2020, and
  • You were in Australia for the whole time that your visa was in effect between 1 February 2020 and 15 December 2021, and
  • You hold an eligible qualification.

Eligible qualifications

To view the list of identified occupations from the 2022 Skills Priority List, visit the Department of Education website. The list of occupations and qualifications will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria, have completed a qualification from the approved list, and hold a valid Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) on 1 July 2023 – or apply for a Temporary Graduate visa before or after 1 July 2023 – your visa will be automatically extended by two years.

If your Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) expires before 1 July 2023 or you are eligible for the two-year Temporary Activity (subclass 408) Australian Government Endorsed Events visa (COVID-19 Pandemic event) as above, you will need to apply for the Temporary Activity (subclass 408) visa with the Department of Home Affairs.

Get job ready

Make the most of your student experience and unlock opportunities by navigating the Australian job market. Working while you study in Australia can help complement your entire student experience.

Seek and Careers NSW have resources to help you get job ready.

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Your workplace rights

All people working in Australia have basic rights and protections in the workplace, including minimum pay and conditions. The Fair Work Ombudsman makes sure that these rights are protected and enforced fairly under Australia’s workplace laws.

Like many international students, you may get a part-time or casual job to help pay your living expenses while you study in Australia. It is important that you know your rights in the workplace.

Access Fair Work Ombudsman resources for international students

Enhance your employability

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

The Australian Government's Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), offers a range of resources designed to connect students and graduates to information on employment. The department offers information on preparing for employment, becoming an apprentice or trainee.

Study Australia Work Readiness Program

A free online course that will help you put your best foot forward after you graduate.

Study Australia Industry Experience Program

A free 2-week virtual industry experience program funded by Study NSW for international students.

NSW Government Virtual Internship

Do you want a challenging and varied career with the opportunity to help deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW? This Virtual Internship is free for all students.

Top tips for expanding your job prospects

Network, be smart, get experience, demonstrate your strengths and – above all – be yourself: these are the top tips for international students looking to enhance their employability. The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) has prepared an Employability Guide for International Students, and the accompanying video is designed to help students expand their job prospects and enhance their career.

The guide provides advice for identifying career goals and acquiring employability skills in the first, second and final years of study in Australia. It also provides guidance to students after graduating and emphasises the importance of managing expectations, knowing your rights and the benefits of lifelong learning.

Download Employability Guide for International Students