Meet the CISA National Conference Scholarship Recipients

13 June 2019

Six international students will receive a scholarship from Study NSW to attend the 9th Council of International Students Australia (CISA) National Conference. The scholarship recipients are from Mexico, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mongolia and represent six education providers across NSW.

The CISA conference will be held from Monday 15 to Friday 19 July 2019 in Perth, Western Australia. The conference is an opportunity to engage and align international student leaders and international education experts in a forum that cements the vision for the future of international students in Australia. The conference aims to empower international students and celebrate their contributions to the Australian community. The program will provide students with diverse information on topics that affect, concern, and benefit them, and hear the different values statewide and nationally.

Study NSW is committed to enhancing the international student experience across the state and is a supporter of CISA. Study NSW and CISA encourage a wide representation of international students to attend the conference.

For more information on CISA and their national conference follow CISA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit the CISA website.

Meet the six international students who will receive the CISA National Conference Scholarship from Study NSW below.

Alejandra Lizbeth Gutierrez Hernandez, Mexico

Macquarie University


This is a great opportunity for creating a network of empowerment, connection, dialogue and advice for current and future international students.

Michael Siega, Philippines

University of Wollongong


This rare opportunity will allow us to collaborate and network with other student leaders to champion our indispensable contributions to our respective universities and communities.

Pooja Biradar, India

Australian Catholic University


Always keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Rahim Zaidi, Pakistan

Stotts College


It’s all about pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone. I believe this conference will empower international students to become the student voice in their communities.

Salwa, Indonesia

University of Newcastle


This conference will provide opportunities for attendees to share their opinions and ideas on the international student experience. Let's keep motivated and reach our highest potential.

Zolboo Tsengel, Mongolia

University of Sydney


I'm looking forward to meeting like-minded people, hearing their stories and insights, sharing our thoughts, opinions and gaining an invaluable experience.