Chintan Potdar

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Fun fact

I love the outdoors, athletics and canoeing to remain active.

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

Living in Sydney has been a truly liberating experience as the community here is warm and welcoming. One of my favourite places in Sydney is my University campus and more specifically the well-resourced library. I spent most of my time during University study period in the library and it has world-class facilities and environment. I found my professors very supportive and always helpful. NSW offers students experiences to work on academic projects and assignments with a culturally and linguistically diverse cohort. The welcoming nature of Sydneysiders has inspired me to participate in several amazing events such as Vivid Sydney 2019, TEDx Macquarie University, International Student Welcome Desk at Sydney Airport and Macquarie University Mentoring Program. Volunteering for these activities has enabled me to expand my horizons beyond the humdrum of student life.

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Where is your home country?


What do you study?

Master of Commerce (Marketing)

Where do you study?

Macquarie University

What languages do you speak?

English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati

What advice do you have for other international students?

Maintaining a never say never attitude and a clear focus on academics is the key to an enjoyable and successful university life. As international students we meander through the glitz and glamour of the city, the reality still remains the same globally – only the most deserving and hardworking students are able to make the most of their experience studying overseas. Study NSW and the City of Sydney have numerous opportunities for students to network and introduce students to the best things to do in Sydney.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Staying away from home for months or years can be challenging for many and thus it is important to create an ecosystem for ourselves in a new environment. Also, the support within the university for international students is robust and the staff are friendly and helpful. University campuses are brimming with diversity, exciting events on the campus and you get to meet some amazing students around the globe. I would highly recommend choosing NSW for studies as it offers an excellent learning environment that is inclusive, cosmopolitan, future-oriented while offering students a great study-life balance.

Studying in NSW has been a truly liberating experience as the community here is warm and welcoming. My studies have exposed me to experiential and theoretical learning in equal parts.

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