Xixi Zou

Where is your home country?


What languages do you speak?

Chinese and English

What do you study?

Bachelor of Communication (Digital and Social Media). Master of Strategic Communication

Where do you study?

University of Technology Sydney

Tell us about your experience studying in NSW.

Studying in NSW is one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I have been studying in NSW for nearly four years, and I am grateful about different experiences, even a challenge can help me become a more resilient and confident person. These experiences as an international students really help me change my mind and shape me a person that I really want to be. It teaches me to pursue different goals and get out of the comfort zone when you I am afraid with any uncertainty. Just go ahead, work hard and be yourself! At first, everything sounds hard, but if you keep going, you can achieve a lot!

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At first, everything sounds hard, but if you keep going, you can achieve a lot!

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

My favourite experience in NSW is definitely my study experience at UTS. I have meets ups and downs in my studies, but I always get a lot of support from tutors or lectures. No matter if your answer is right or wrong, the tutors always encourage you to speak up your opinions. I have tried many different elective subjects to broaden my mind, collaborate with teammates and plan a creative project. The study experience at UTS really helps me think more, talk more and do more, which really improve my critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills. I can think in different perspective and come up with innovation solutions to deal with real-world problems.

What advice do you have for other international students?

My advice to other international students is being confident, being yourself and getting out of the comfort zone. My favourite quote is Great things never come from comfort zone. So if you want to get excellent grades, find a part-time job or join a student society,  just go ahead and do it! If you have never had a try, you will never know how better you can improve yourself! So, the advice is quite simple, just have a go with any opportunities you would like to join! At first, you may feel challenging and less confident to join a new opportunity, but if you keep improving yourself and having strong ambitions, you will do very well in different activities and become a person that you really want to be.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Studying in NSW provides incredible study, work and extra-curricular opportunities to me.

I have tried different internship in various industries such as retail, beauty and media to enhance my hands on skills in marketing and public relations, which really helps me gain more experience to prepare my future career!

I have joined a lot of extracurricular activities to improve myself. I have participated in various volunteer activities including UTS BUILD program, UTS HELPS Volunteer program, UTS Peer Network program, Study NSW International Students Welcome Desk, Beach Safety Advisor and Social Media Editor for university journalism platform! During my studies, I spend more than 180 hours in total on different volunteer activities, which is an unbelievable and unique experience in my life! This helps gain Accomplish Award - Platinum at UTS and most importantly it helps me become a better and confident person.

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500x500 Student Story - Xixi Zou