Andreas Scholler

Fun fact

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and like reading books about business, psychology and self-development.

Further, I worked as an Electronics Technician in Germany for a leading mechanical engineering and laser company, and I played in a band as a lead guitarist in front of 15,000 people while touring in Germany.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

Studying in NSW gave a better understanding of different cultures and their values. I worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds on projects that helped me to see the world from distinct perspectives. Moreover, I was able to receive two scholarships during my time as a student.

The International College of Management in Sydney awarded me the International Professional Scholarship, and the city of Manly, the Manly Council scholarship. Both scholarships helped my financially to live and study in NSW.

The Manly Council scholarship enabled me to work for a local government events department. It gave me valuable insights into how such an organisation works.

During my time as a student, I came up with a great idea to make Australian education more transparent and accessible worldwide.

The result was, a social student recruitment platform connecting students from all over the world who want to study in Australia. A membership-based website that enables both students and Australian education institutions to register, set up their profile, and talk or to each other directly via a chat or live video calling.

Since my graduation in late 2016, I’ve been working very hard day and night on this project to bring it into reality. It brought ups and downs with it, but now after two years of hard work, passion and dedication, the platform has already gained significant traction.

Andreas Scholler

Where is your home country?


What do you study?

Bachelor of Business Management

Where do you study?

International College of Management Sydney

What languages do you speak?

German, English

What advice do you have for other international students?

Study a field that you’re passionate about and don’t feel pressured by family or society to pursue a degree that you don’t like. Ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years time, and then select a course based on your answer.

Work very hard, build a network of friends, and take a risk every day to achieve your dreams. Everything is possible, there are no limitations, and if you doubt your abilities, close your eyes and imagine yourself being already successful, doing so will help you to stay positive, grounded and see the end goal in mind. A positive attitude will help you to overcome every obstacle you may face along the way.

If you have a great idea to make this world a better place while pursuing your passion, then go for it. Don't postpone your dreams. There will never be a better time to start than now. You may think you don't have what it takes, but if you're serious about it, you will find a way and make it happen. Many students come up with great ideas but never follow through.

Further, apply for as many scholarships as you can. I received two scholarships myself in the belief that I wouldn't have a chance, but I proved myself wrong. Yes, there is competition, but guess what? Imagine how a scholarship could make your life financially better? I think this should be motivation enough to go for it. International students believe that too many people are applying for scholarships and that they are a lot smarter than themselves, which is why they don't even try.

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

Studying in NSW was my preferred experience because when you spend more than two years in a new multicultural environment, you build a professional network of friends and learn from them.

Living the student life helped me to become more open-minded about the world and meet new fascinating people.  Also, living right next to the ocean has its advantages. I like to go surfing or swimming whenever I want to switch off and disconnect. You can do that easily when living in NSW with countless beaches available along the coast.

Overall, entrepreneurial opportunities, a high standard of living, countless beaches, and an excellent reputation for education are the things that made me come to study in NSW.

Andreas Scholler