The Study NSW Sponsorship Expression of Interest process is run annually to find opportunities that align with Study NSW’s strategy.

Sponsorships contributes to the value and sustainability of the international education sector to the NSW economy and ensures NSW continues to be a world leader in international education by leveraging our strengths as a state.

For 2023-24, there is funding pool of $100,000 excluding GST. Funding is provided on an annual basis. For an activity to be eligible it must focus on benefitting NSW’s international education sector. Some examples include:

* conference on international education held in Australia or overseas in key markets

* event for international students in NSW

* series of activities focused on prospective international students overseas in key markets

The 2023-24 Sponsorship Guidelines will be published in April, ahead of the applications opening.

Key dates

Applications will open in April.

Apply for 2023-24 Sponsorship round

Applications will open in April.

Get involved

Details on how international students can get involved will be shared through the Study NSW mailing list and promoted through the Study NSW FacebookInstagram, LinkedInTwitter and WeChat.

If you have questions regarding a particular project, please email study.nsw@investment.nsw.gov.au