Finding the right place to live

Discover a range of student living and accommodation options in NSW. Find your ideal home away from home with Study NSW's housing resources.

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Housing checklist

It’s important you feel safe in the place where you live. Before moving into a new home in NSW, make sure you take the following steps.

  • Take the International Student Homebase QuizExternal Link : Designed specifically for international students coming to Australia to discover what kind of accommodation options match your preferences.
  • Know your rights: Learn the range of renting guidelines at Fair Trading NSW and Tenants NSW.
  • Carefully read your contract or lease: Understanding your housing contract or lease is important. Take the time to read the document or ask someone at your educational institution to do this for you.
  • Notify your bank, employer, education provider and OSHC provider of your new address: Your student visa requires you to update your education provider within seven days of arriving in Australia or moving to a new address.
  • Check your inventory or condition report: If you are renting private housing or a university-managed property, you will be given a list of the contents of the property (an inventory) and a condition report describing the state of the property. This means you can prove that you did not cause damage and are entitled to your full deposit returned when you move out.
  • Get to know the area: Find out where the nearest medical centre, shops, public transport hubs and fitness facilities are located. Learn about waste disposal in the area, including recycling and composting options. Check out your local council’s website for more information.
  • Tell your friends and family back home where you’re living: They probably want to know that you’re in a safe place and they may want to send mail.
  • Think about home and contents insurance: If you’re living in your own apartment or house, or have joined a share house, you might want to purchase home and contents insurance to protect your belongings from theft or damage.
  • Check the home is in working order: Make sure things like hot water, taps and switches work. If there are any faults or issues, notify your agent or landlord.
  • Keep an eye on costs: Ensure you fully understand what additional expenses are incurred on top of your deposit and rent, what is and is not included.
  • Look for cheaper alternatives for household items: In Australia, second-hand and pre-loved markets and rental schemes can offer good alternatives to buying new refrigerators, washing machines and furniture.

Whatever your needs or budget, there is a home for you in NSW. If you need help learning about the types of accommodation available for international students, visit our Types of accommodation guide

Student accommodation to suit you

When you are studying, it is important to find a place where you feel at home. NSW offers a diverse range of places to live for international students, each with unique advantages. To find what’s right for you, it’s important to know your needs and budget.

Please note, if you are an international student under 18 years old in AustraliaExternal Link , you must find special housing arrangements to ensure your welfare and safety.


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