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2022 NSW International Student Community Engagement Award

The 2022 NSW International Student Awards winners have now been announced!

500x500 2022 ISA Finalist - Australian Sports Program

Australian Sports Program

Australian International Sports Organisation Pty Ltd

The Australian Sports Program has been instrumental in connecting international students to Australian culture through sport across NSW.

Founded in 2018, this program has reached more than 3,000 participants over three years, fostering social connections and creating employment opportunities. The program provides an opportunity for international students to learn about Australian culture and the importance of sports to Australian society through theory and practical elements in a fun, inclusive and active environment.

Specifically targeting multicultural communities and international students, participants gain insights into the sports industry and are given the chance to network with mainstream sporting bodies.

The Australian Sports Program is currently expanding across Australia and plans to seek out international growth opportunities.

500x500 2022 ISA Finalist - Oz International Students Hub

Oz International Student Hub (OISH)

Sydney Alliance and Sydney Community Forum

The Oz International Students Hub (OISH) is run for and by international students. OISH was established during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and delivers welcome, support and social inclusion programs for international students.

OISH delivers sessions and workshops on mental health, stress management, skilled employment, cross-cultural communication, cultural immersion, and intimate partner violence. Through these workshops, the hub aims to support and bring students together, and to build trust and cultivate a close-knit culture that is action-oriented and grounded in mutual respect.

OISH is currently seeking funding to support its ongoing delivery of services to international students.

500x500 2022 ISA Finalist - Scape TLC Program

Scape TLC program

Scape Australia

Scape is a student accommodation provider with buildings across NSW and Australia.

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scape was an industry leader in identifying the mental health needs of Australia’s international student community and implemented a world-leading pastoral care program called ‘tender loving care’ or TLC.

The program delivered wellbeing initiatives during the pandemic that supported international students to feel connected, especially as they were away from family.

Scape’s goal is to cultivate a more sustainable business and future by continuing to improve its impact across many communities, partners, and the environment, and future-proofing its new developments. They also aspire to better educate their residents about how they can become more socially and sustainability aware global citizens.

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