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Sexual health information for international students

A one stop online hub offering sexual and reproductive health information co-designed by international students.

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Project dates


Project overview

The project aimed to develop a sexual and reproductive health website (hub) for international students to access trustworthy information and increase their knowledge of and access to health services. The International Student Health Hub is a one stop shop for sexual and reproductive health information, as well as navigating the health system and NSW, and private health fund cover.  Key topic areas include: sexual health, reproductive health, Australian healthcare system, overseas student health cover, and confidentiality and privacy. The Health Hub is a website linking international students with accurate and reliable online sexual and reproductive health sources in NSW.

Project outcomes

Development of a sexual and reproductive health website (hub) with and for international students residing in NSW.

Project background

The NSW STI Programs Unit established an International Student Consortium as part of the Play Safe Programs International Student stream. The consortium of over 60 multi-sector members identified and prioritised sexual and reproductive health literacy as a challenge for international students.

A group of partners were successful in obtaining a Study NSW grant to develop a sexual and reproductive health website for international students in NSW.

Project deliverables

The key findings outlined in the consultation survey report highlighted international students’ expressed need for a sexual and reproductive health website. These key findings informed the development of the International Student Health Hub. The Health Hub launch will kick-start its ongoing promotion to international students and those who work with international students across NSW.

Project highlights

The International Student Health Hub was co-designed with 191 international students through consultation surveys that informed the website’s content, design and tone. International students’ valuable ongoing contribution to this project has been a highlight, in particular the input by students from both regional and metro areas of NSW to the online consultation survey.

Another highlight of the project was the involvement of numerous stakeholders/partners including:

NSW STI Programs Unit, NSW Ministry of Health, Sydney Local Health District (LHD), South Eastern Sydney LHD, Western Sydney LHD, Southern and Murrumbidgee LHD, Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD, Centre of Cultural Ethnicity and Health, Family Planning NSW, Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service, ACON, Healthy Cities Illawarra, Positive Life NSW, City of Sydney, University of NSW, Newcastle University, Charles Sturt University, University of Technology, University of Sydney, University of New England, Western Sydney University, Southern Cross University, University of Wollongong, TAFE NSW International, English Australia, Bupa, Medibank, NIB, Allianz, CBHC overseas health cover, and the Kirby Institute.

Health Hub

Challenges and recommendations

COVID-19 had an impact on the methodology used to co-design hub.  Consultation had to be moved online as opposed to face-to-face as a result of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. In addition COVID-19 impacted partner agency’s capacity, due to staff being redirected to work on the COVID response, and the additional support required by university staff for students.  To compensate partners had to provide additional resources to ensure the project was delivered.

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