A Study NSW Project

This new project showcases signatories to the NSW International Student Business Charter.

Introducing the New South Wales International Student Business Charter

New South Wales (NSW) is a great place to live, study and work. We value the contribution that international students make to NSW. They bring diversity, enrich our community and connect us to the world. We encourage all organisations that engage with international students via work-related opportunities to sign the NSW International Student Business Charter and share their story.

Take a moment to explore stories from our partners and discover how international students are contributing to workplaces across NSW, and the mutual benefits to both employers and the international student community from their engagement.


Explore our partners and their stories

Events and resources for students

Study NSW has partnered with Outcome.Life and Navitas Professional to deliver a series of employability workshops for international students. There are also resources for international students to identify career goals and enhance their employability.

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Resources for employers

International students and graduates can help diversify your organisation, enhance cultural capital and expand international networks. These resources aim to educate, empower and encourage employers to engage international students in their workplaces.

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Get involved

Are you a NSW employer who engages international students in your workplace? Study NSW invites your organisation to sign the NSW International Student Business Charter and showcase your story through the #NSWGlobalConnections campaign.

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