Isha Miglani

Isha Miglani

Where is your home country?


What do you study?

Master of Professional Accounting

Where do you study?

University of New South Wales

What languages do you speak?

English, Hindi and Punjabi

Fun fact

I was running an online chocolate store before arriving in Sydney and am an avid sports player with 10 years of training in rhythmic gymnastics.

What advice do you have for other international students?

My only advice is to do as much research as possible on the services and facilities available to international students at universities and in your local area. A lot of useful services get overlooked due to a lack of awareness. I also encourage international students to be open to new experiences and focus on getting involved with the community, instead of focusing exclusively on their studies.

What opportunities has studying in NSW given to you?

I collaborated with Arc@UNSW to raise over $73,000 for the Sydney Children’s Hospital and participated in a series of consulting challenges with KPMG, PwC, Westpac Consulting and Bain. Additionally, I was also a member of the winning team for INTERCHANGE 2017 which brought international students from various universities together to develop entrepreneurial ideas to solve real life problems.

My studies have provided me with the opportunity to become the Sponsorship Manager of the Graduate Student Association, a career leader with UNSW Careers & Employment, a mentee under the Business School mentorship program which brings together industry professionals andstudents, as well as a mentor with the Accounting Society and the Graduate Student Association.

Study NSW also provided me with the opportunity to volunteer at the NSW International Student Welcome Desk at Sydney Airport, which is aimed at easing the process of arrival for international students like myself.

Isha Miglani

What has been your favourite experience in NSW?

I’ve had some really great experiences over the duration of my study in NSW. Learning in a world class institution (UNSW Business School) with a cohort and peers from all around the world has been the greatest experience.

One of my most cherished moments has been having the opportunity to volunteer at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour with Opera Australia. Over a period of 2 months, I got to observe and contribute to an all weather annual Opera show. It helped me gain an insight into what it takes to put such a grand scale event together.

My co-volunteers were from all kinds of backgrounds, including executives from leading global organisations. I got to learn from them with their rich work history. The experience helped me learn a lot about Australian culture and provided me with a sense of belonging.

Isha Miglani